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Sump pump

The service life of the pump is usually determined up to a maximum of few years.
When was the last time YOU checked your pump?

In any situation, water that will penetrate the basement will flow to the lowest point in the room. There is usually a pump that in this situation will pump water into the outside storm drain and protect you from complete flooding.

Sump Pump Classifications

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps sit down inside a sump pit or reservoir. They are usually submerged and have protective waterproof barriers. They have strong motor suitable for greater flooding. Because of being underwater they are usually quiet but because of that they have typically a shorter lifespan than pedestal-type pumps.

Pedestal Pumps A pedestal sump pump contains a motor that sits atop a pedestal with a hose that goes down into the sump reservoir. The pump draws the water and pump it away from house. They are less powerful than submersible pumps and they works best for smaller flooding. They start working when water goes up in reservoir and trips the switch. Because they are not submerged, they can be easily reach for servicing and repairing. They are louder compared to the submersible pumps because there is n water to muffle the sound.

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Sump Pump It is crucial to check your sump pump from time to time. Either repairing it or replacing can save you a lot of money in comparison of removing the water damage in your house. The first sign of a poor pump condition is still standing water in the basement. However, there is more situation to think about checking your pump:

1. It doesn't run quietly
2. Visible Rust
3. Vibrates when running
4. Infrequent Pump Usage
5. It is not efficient
6. It switching on and off
7. Six years old or older
8. Often affected by a power outage

Don't you know if your sump pump needs replacement?

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